Each website on your Mouseflow account will have a dashboard automatically created. On the default dashboard you can find metrics on the website, as well as links to the most visited heatmaps and most recent recordings. 

In addition to the default data, you have a few options to customize the dashboard and add your preferred data to that view:

Adding reports to the dashboard

You have the option of adding your preferred reports to the dashboard. This can be done from the front page of the Funnels, Forms and Feedback sections. Here you can select what reports you'd like to see on the dashboard by 'starring' the relevant ones:

Once you've starred a report card, it will be shown on your dashboard. That makes it easy for you to include it in an export of data or to compare different reports

Creating favorite heatmaps

From the heatmap list you also have the option of favoriting your most important heatmaps. The will fix those heatmaps at the top of your heatmap list, and also include them on the dashboard. That will make it easier to compare the metrics from the pages you're currently working on.

If you want to remove a report or a heatmap from the dashboard, you can simply 'unstar' it.