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Find the Mouseflow tag in the Tealium iQ tag marketplace.

Configure the Mouseflow tag.

We recommend using the following: 

  1. Use mapping to override the default Account ID. 
  2. Use mapping to push key/value pairs into the _mfq array. Replace "myvar" with your variable name to use this feature.

Assign page load rules

By default, the tag is set to fire on all pages. You can set conditional options so tags are only fired on specific pages.

Data mapping

Choose the data sources that are looking to be collected from the tag. You should have Account ID (account) and Custom Parameter (myvar) listed

Click "Apply" and you should be all set

Did you know?

You can manage user permissions and test out profiles in different environments (Dev, QA, Prod). Marketing or eCommerce can add tags and have them approved by IT, thus improving workflow and decreasing implementation cycles.

Did you know?

We also recommend you explore Tealium's Extensions. They offer added functionality and allow for easier and more advanced tag-based implementations.