The recording controls allow you to define what pages and visitors should be recorded by Mouseflow, if you're not interested in recording all traffic. More data is usually better than less, but there can be good reasons for you to spend your recording credits in a careful and deliberate manner, and Mouseflow Recording Controls help you do that.

On the site settings page, you'll find three ways you can control what should be recorded, and in this article, we will introduce them all and guide you in their use.


By default, Mouseflow is set to record all pages that the tracking code is on, but here you can specify the pages you would like to record (or pages you would like to exclude from being recorded).


If you have multiple websites in your account and you want to make sure that one of them doesn't use up all of your allotted credits (and thereby prevent other sites from recording), you can put a limit on the number of recordings that should be possible for any specific site.

Note: This does not follow the calendar month cycle, but the month in between your credit refills.


By default, 100% of your site traffic will be recorded, but you can easily change this setting to something less, so you record a sample of your visits, rather than all.

In the very near future, we will enable you to set recording rates for specific pages, stay tuned.