Mouseflow has always been one of the front runners of web analytics and by extension heatmap technology. We focus so much on heatmaps because they are a great way to gather insights and understand complex data sets at a glance. With Live Heatmaps we're introducing a whole new dimension to our heatmap suite. 

You can find all the details Live Heatmaps below:

What is Live Heatmaps?

Moderns website designs are no longer static like they used to be — interactive websites and Single Page Applications using a plethora of technologies, graphics, slide-out tables, expanding menus, and modal dialogs is the standard today. As you probably already know, this presents a number of problems for heat maps as they look and function today. This is where Mouseflows’ new Live Heatmaps are a huge leap forward in heatmap technology.

Live Heatmaps allows you to open heatmaps on your own website, instead of loading them within the Mouseflow app. 

This gives you a lot of benefits, including:

  • a more accurate representation of your website
  • out of the box support for dynamic elements, like dropdown menus, sliders and lazyloaded content
  • the ability to navigate within the map - opening modals, logging in and similar
  • full support for single page applications and views
  • showing content within iframes

Live Heatmaps work as an overlay on your Live website offering complete support for all dynamic elements - essentially showing the Mouseflow data on top of your site as it looks and works when you visit it live. But words don’t do Live Heatmaps justice - you have to try them to see what it’s all about.

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How do I access Live Heatmaps?

If you're signed up for early access, you already have access to the Live Heatmaps. You'll find a link in the heatmap menu on your account, or in the map-selector in your heatmaps.

If you're not signed up for early access, then you won't have this feature for a little while yet. But you could try to reach out to - they might just hook you up with early access.

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How do I use Live Heatmaps?

When opening the Live Heatmap, you'll see a new window loaded with the live page in question. The page should load with the heatmap data shown over your website element, as well as the new heatmap controls at the bottom of the screen:

Note that the Live Heatmap will only work if you (still) have the Mouseflow tracking code on that page, and that you're actively recording the page. So if you've paused recording or if you are out of recording credits, the Live Heatmap won't load on your page. 

In the Live Heatmap Controls, you can change the map-type shown on the page - to see either our Click, Movement, Scroll or Attention heatmaps. You can also select your preferred date range.

When the Live Heatmap is loaded, you can navigate on the page (scrolling, opening tabs, using sliders, etc) and the heatmap will automatically be updated to reflect any changes on the page. You can also navigate to other pages, and the Live Heatmap will automatically be shown on that page as well.

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Something's not working / missing

Sorry to hear that! As this is an early access, we still haven't gotten all the kinks ironed out. If you found a bug or have problems getting the Live Heatmap working, please reach out to

You're also very welcome to reach out if you have an ideas or suggestions on how to improve this feature. Note that we don't yet have all the features ready that we'd like to include in the final version of Live Heatmaps. On our to-do-list right now we have:

  • Include our filters in Live Heatmaps, so they can be used directly on your live site
  • Allow for custom date ranges in the maps
  • Make it possible to download the Live Heatmaps
  • Add support for Merge URLs
  • 'All time' date range option not yet working

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