If you got recordings that you would like to delete, because of PII data or it is data that pollute your heatmap reports and etc., then this is possible under Recordings.



  1. Go to Recordings in app.mouseflow.com
  2. Search for the recordings you would like to delete - Here you can use filter drawer to help searching for the recordings.
  3. When you have found the recordings then you can mark them by clicking on the check box in front of the recordings, or mark all the recordings with the check box in the header-row.
  4. Now you will get new options on the left side of the top-panel > click the Delete button > then you need to click "Yes, remove permanently".


Please note that you are only able to select the recordings that have been loaded on your screen, which is normally around 50.

It might therefore be necessary for you to reload the filter list to see if the recordings you have just deleted have disappeared.

Use the circle icon in the right side of the header-row:

If you got a larger number of recordings that needs to be deleted - above 10000 - then you are very welcome to reach out to support@mouseflow.com

The Mouseflow Support team can help you with deleting recordings based on:

  • Site and time frame = delete all recordings in a specific time frame for a specific site on your Mouseflow account.
  • Account + page + time frame = delete all recordings on your Mouseflow account in a specific time frame, but only recordings of a specific page.