When creating a form, you might encounter the error message "We did not find any forms on this page." as shown above. There are three possible reasons for this and the solutions are posted below.

No Forms Found

No forms exist on the page

Sometimes, there simply is no form present on the selected page. In this case, you can double-check if you selected the correct page URL or get in touch with your engineers and find out why the form is missing if it was supposed to be on the selected page in the first place.

No recordings have been made on the page where the form is located

Mouseflow will not be able to identify the presence of a form if there have not been made any recordings on the page where the form is present. Try visiting the live page where the form is located and interact with it. Afterwards, you should have no issues creating a form report for that form.

If you have set a recording rate for you website, you might want to briefly change it back to record every visitor before visiting your form, so you can be sure your visit will be recorded.

The form elements are not wrapped in <form></form> tags

Every now and again, we see form fields that have been implemented on a website without being wrapped by <form></form> tags. While the form might be working without these on the website, Mouseflow will not be able to identify it as a form without those tags.

To help Mouseflow identify your form, please make sure your form fields are wrapped in <form></form> tags.