With Mouseflow, it's easy to seamlessly integrate into survey software like Qualaroo. You can do the integration by adding the playback URL to the survey (identifying the user). Let's go through it here.

Adding the playback URL to Surveys

Qualaroo has a JavaScript API that lets you identify users. The code below shows you how to add the playback URL as user identification in Qualaroo.

<script type="text/javascript">
    var _kiq = _kiq || [];
    if (typeof mouseflow == "object") {
        _kiq.push(['identify', 'https://app.mouseflow.com/websites/' + 
            mouseflow.websiteId + '/recordings/' + mouseflow.getSessionId() + '/play']);

What happens in the code is the following:

  1. We make sure the _kiq variable is available. This is the variable that is used to communicate with the Qualaroo object.
  2. We call (typeof mouseflow == "object") to check that Mouseflow is available.
  3. We call _kiq.push( ... ) to add the data into Qualaroo.