In the Feedback Campaign Report you can view all the data gathered on your Feedback campaigns: Impressions, Responses, Response rate and the answers your users has been submitting.

At first glance, the Feedback Campaign Report looks a lot like the website dashboard - you have the graph to the left, the statistics to the right and a list of data at the bottom of the screen. You can also use all the usual filtering options via the filters button in the upper right corner like the rest of our features. There are a few notable differences though, all of which will be explained below.

#1: The Campaign Statistics

The campaign statistics displays a handful of useful metrics about your campaign:

Feedback report 1

  • Status: Here you can see the current status of your campaign - whether it's active on your site or inactive. You can also change the status here by clicking on one of the two buttons.

  • Impressions: Here you can see how many times your campaign has been displayed.

  • Responses: Here you can see how many users have fully completed responding to your campaign.

  • Response Rate: Here you can see what percent of users that saw the campaign also responded to it.

  • Results: Here you can switch the display of the graph displayed on the right of the screen between a breakdown of the daily amount of responses and breakdowns of the different answers to each question posed in your campaign. More information on this below.

#2: The Responses Chart

Feedback report 2

The Responses Chart displays a line chart over the daily amount of responses your campaign has received within the selected date range - the horizontal axis displays the dates within the selected date range and the vertical axis displays the amount of successful responses.

#3: The Answer Chart

Feedback report 3

The Answer Chart displays a bar chart over the different answers to the selected multiple choice question from your campaign. Each choice option is split into its own bar and the height of each bar represents the number of responses that chose that particular choice.

#4: Response List

Feedback report, response list

The Recent Responses list shows all of the most recent completed responses to your campaign, much like the recent recordings list on the website dashboard. For each entry, you can see the user's location, submission time, the page on which the user answered the campaign and their answers to all of the campaign's questions.