If you’re an e-commerce site, identifying why customers, in aggregate, abandon their cart can lead to massive changes in your sales process.

Whether users are frustrated with a poor experience or encountering a bug/error -- pinpointing these issues and resolving them can increase your leads, sales, growth, and overall revenue.

Mouseflow’s funnels make it easy to identify problem areas, resolve bugs and errors, and decrease the incidence of cart abandonment.

Creating the Sales Funnel

The first step is to create a funnel. Once you’re logged into Mouseflow, select “Funnels” on the left side of the screen and then “Add New Funnel”.

Here you’ll order the steps of your funnel. Below is an example of a typical sales funnel.

Hint: If you want a funnel step to match a series of pages that share a common URL root, you can add the base URL path followed by an *, which acts as a wildcard.


Once you’ve selected the appropriate pages for your sales funnel, click “Save”. You’ll be taken to a screen detailing all the drop-offs throughout your sales funnel. 

Analyzing Cart Abandonment

If you notice in our example above, 108 users reached the payment page but didn’t complete the checkout process! 

65.7% of users who reached the payment page dropped off -- that’s way too high! That’s lost leads, that’s lost sales, and that’s lost revenue.

At each step in the funnel, you can select the “Watch Dropped” button to pull up a list of the visitor sessions who left the site at that specific point in the funnel. Make sure to watch some sessions to ensure no major issues or bugs are being experienced by users.

You can also filter your funnel to quickly evaluate conversion rates on different devices, browser types, screen resolutions, etc. Select the filter drop-down on the top left and apply the relevant filters. 

In this example, we’re going to compare our conversion rates on different browsers.

In this example, we select "Internet Explorer" as the browser filter...and look at how the conversation rate changes.

By comparing the conversion rates on different browsers, operating systems, and device types can help you to quickly identify problem areas for users. It's possible your site isn’t functioning correctly since a browser update or a part of the screen is being cut off….it would be wise to pull up the potential sessions and watch a few.

You can also filter your funnel for the “click-error” and “click rage” tags, which almost always immediately reveal website issues. You’ll be able to watch recording drop-offs exclusively including those errors. "click-error" indicates JavaScript errors resulting from clicks, and "click-rage" indicates excessive rage clicking.

With this information, you can mirror your typical sales funnel/flow, identify cart abandonments, pinpoint frustrating issues for users, and take steps to resolve them. Then, take corrective action and soon your cart abandonment will soon be non-existent.


Have any questions about what you just read? No worries -- reach out to us at support@mouseflow.com. We’d love to help you.