Every feature in Mouseflow combined with the data you’ve collected can be filtered by new versus returning users.

This is a critical indicator for website optimization changes based on audience: increasing conversions, strategically placing buttons, and focusing the user’s attention in the most productive places.

In this example, we’ve chosen to work in the Movement Heatmap. Just select the filter icon in the top right, then click on "Visitor type" in the "Select a filter" dropdown. You can choose between two options: first time visitors or returning visitors.

Apply the filter and select a page to view. In this example, we’ve selected to display the home page for first-time visitors, with a goal of increasing conversions in signups.

Use the color diagram on the bottom left as a guide. The white spaces indicate where users are spending the most time. The movement heatmaps focus on where users navigate their mouse on your site – it’s a great measure of attention and engagement. This is insightful because you can gauge whether the key areas of a page receive adequate attention.

With this filter, a tangible takeaway is to move the “Sign-Up” and Login” buttons slightly to the left, where there’s a massive pocket of user focused movement. This would likely lead to increased signups, logins, and conversions. 

You can also apply this filter with Mouseflow’s funnels. Then, compare different conversion rates with first-time vs. returning visitors.

If your first time visitors have a higher conversion rate than returning clients, that might be something to investigate.


Have any questions about what you just read? No worries -- reach out to us at support@mouseflow.com. We’d love to help you.