Mouseflow makes it easy to quickly identify frustrated users on your site.

Each time a user excessively clicks in a short period, we automatically tag the session so it's easy to discover.

This makes optimizing your website much more pinpointed -- resolve the specific areas actively causing your visitors to stumble in frustration, dropout, and fail to convert. 

Instead of manually searching through recordings, Mouseflow’s sophisticated filters allow you to identify sessions that include user frustration, commonly known as the “click-rage” tag.

Click “Apply” on the right side of your screen. You’ll be taken to a list of recordings that exclusively include the "click-rage" tag.


Additionally, click the menu icon on the right side of one of your sessions to download the recording or share it with a web developer who can examine the issue. This makes analysis easy: no more trying to explain the visitor’s problem, no more web developer frustration, and no more being in the dark. A developer can see exactly what happened on the visitor’s screen with a link to the recording.

You can also set alerts (notifications) for incoming sessions that include high levels of user frustration. Just click the save/download disk icon on the left side of your screen.




Have any questions about what you just read? No worries -- reach out to us at We’d love to help you.