With the Live Stream feature, you can watch realtime videos of users that are online and currently browsing your website. Sit back in your control room and watch as your visitors enter your site, interact with your pages, and fill out different forms.

The live stream feature was originally requested by users that wanted to watch their website with live users on their big screen. This makes it possible to see how users react to immediate changes and quickly intercept bugs and design flaws.

Advanced filtering options

The live stream can be filtered in the same way the recording list is filtered. If you want to limit the stream to include only visitors that came from search engines, or only visitors that entered your landing page, go right ahead.

Live Stream

To start using live stream, simply navigate to your recordings overview and click the 'Live stream'-icon (see above). If you want to filter the live stream, then start by filtering the recording list, and then click the “Live stream” link.

Live stream is available for all paid subscriptions.