Mouseflow's filter drawer makes it possible for you to filter and segment your live data. But not all filters are available on the Heatmap List and in the Form Reports. Only certain filters are available in these reports. This is because our Heatmap list and Form Reports look at data on a page level - while some of our filters look at data on a session level. So some of our session based filters aren't available on the Heatmap List and in our Form reports. This includes Duration and Navigation-filters.

So what filters can I use?

Still quite a few. For an easy overview, we've grouped them into categories below:

Standard Filters

This group contains some of our most used filters, which are mainly connected to information on the users and their system. The list of Standard Filters include:

  • Country
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Traffic source
  • Visitor type
  • Screen resolution
  • Friction
  • Starred
  • Watched
  • Visitor name
  • Session IDs

Device filters

Here you can choose to segment the data based on the device of the visitors: phone, tablet or desktop

Tags and Custom Variables

Here you can filter the data by Tags and Custom Variables. A custom variable allows you to push a key/value pair into Mouseflow - two pieces of information like cart_value = "large" or saw_popup = "true". A tag allows you to push a single string into Mouseflow - one piece of information like popup_fired or order_placed. In addition, there are some tags that are already set up for you