To start using Funnel Analytics, simply navigate to the 'Funnel' section in your Mouseflow account.

Next, click 'Add New Funnel', you'll be taken to a new screen to set it up:

First, you'll have the option of naming your funnel. The name can be anything you want - in this case it's 'My New Funnel'.

Funnel Name

Now you need to define the steps you want to track in the funnel. A minimum of two steps are required. To define the pages, simply click in the 'Page' field and select the page you want from the drop down. If you see a lot of pages in the dropdown, you can filter it by typing the first letters of the step you're looking for.

Funnel Steps

In this example we've selected the step '/' - that's how your front page would typically appear in Mouseflow. Now that it's selected, we can add an alias to the step also, which will be shown in the funnel. '/' is not the most descriptive name, so here we've added 'Landing Page'.

Now that we've added the first step, we can move on to the next one. To add another step, simply click the blue + below the first step. Now another step-field will appear, where you can repeat the process.

In this example, we want to set up a funnel that tracks a checkout flow. A typical example could look like this:

  1. Landing Page
  2. Basket
  3. Checkout-page
  4. Payment Page

To set up this funnel, we need to add an additional 3 steps and select the correct pages. As these page names are self-explanatory, there's no real need to add an alias here.

Create Funnel

With all four steps added, all that's left to do is hit the 'Create Funnel'-button. Now the Funnel is instantly generated:

Funnel Report