To add a new Form Report to your account, navigate to the 'Forms' section. Here you can click the 'Add New Form' box (as shown below).

Add new Form

Setting up the form

Once you've clicked the 'Add New Form' button, you'll be taken to our 'Add Form' wizard. Here you can select the form you want to add, and edit it to suit your needs. We'll walk you through each step below:

#1 - Name your form and choose a page

Add new Form 2

The first step will show you two fields you need to complete:

  • Form Name: Here you need to name your report. The name can be anything you want. In the example above, we've chosen to name the report 'My Contact Form'. This name will be used in the list of Form Reports and in the report itself.

  • Page: In this field, you'll need to select the page where the form is located. This field is a dropdown field and contains all pages we've tracked on the website in question. If you don't see the page you're looking for in the initial dropdown, you can simply start typing to filter the list. If you're not seeing the page in question, you might need to check if you are actually recording that page. You can't create a form report for a form, if you don't have any recordings from the page which has the form on it.

#2 - Choose your form

Once you've selected a page, the wizard will automatically load all forms found on that page. You can simply select the form you want to track:

Choose Form

You might see several options on pages where you only have one form. That happens because some elements, like search fields or signup fields, are also technically forms.

The form options will be named as they are in your code using the 'Name' or 'ID' values. If no name is found for a particular form, it will be named 'Form #'. If the naming isn't clear, an easy way to tell forms apart is to go by the number of fields in each form (shown to the right).

#3 - Customize your fields

Once you've made a selection, the fields from that form will be shown:

Form Fields

The different fields will also be named using the 'Name' or 'ID' values from your website. You can change the name by clicking clicking the name shown. An icon to the left will show the field-type. Additionally, to the right of each field, you have the option of removing the field in question (if it's not important for the report) or to move the field (if they're shown in the wrong order).

Occasionally, some fields might not be loaded automatically. This can happen if it's a dynamic field, that's only shown when a previous selection has been made. In that case, you can manually add the field, by clicking the '+'-button at the bottom. That will open a modal like this:

Add Form Field

Here you can select the field from the 'Field' dropdown and add your preferred name. Then, you can simply click 'Add'.

#4 - All done

Once you've edited (and/or added) the field you need, all that's left to do is click 'Create Form' and you'll be taken to your new Form Report.